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May 3, 2022 Updated: September 28, 2023 2 min read

Delivering great interviews in the flow of work

The way we hire has changed. With most interviews being conducted over video to support the growing number of remote and hybrid roles, organizations need the ability to seamlessly scale their hiring efforts without added complexity. Today’s modern organizations need intelligent tools that support collaboration and efficiency all while delivering a stellar candidate experience.

Now, that can become a reality with the addition of Clovers to the Zoom App Marketplace. Clovers interview intelligence platform enables teams to conduct more effective and efficient interviews all within Zoom, helping recruiters and hiring teams to leverage the video communications platform they know to deliver exceptional interview experiences

With the addition of Clovers, Zoom users will be able to:

  • Elevate interview effectiveness: Clovers Interview Guides provide skills-based questions aligned to roles which enables hiring teams to ask relevant questions and quickly uncover top talent
  • Reduce interview prep-time: Clovers Interview Coach displays relevant information and pre-approved questions on-screen during the interview so you’re always prepared
  • Accelerate hiring: Clovers sharable recorded interviews and candidate highlight reels enable ease of collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers
  • Remove decision delays: Submit candidate feedback and ratings before exiting the Zoom Meeting


“Clovers is thrilled to be a part of the Zoom App Marketplace and we are excited for our shared customers to be able to extend the value of Zoom by adding the intelligent interview capabilities that Clovers provides. This integration demonstrates our shared commitment to building tools that foster collaboration for teams and organizations.” Doug Leonard, Clovers CEO

“We are excited to add Clovers to the Zoom App Marketplace. The addition of Clovers Intelligent Interview Platform showcases our continued commitment to enabling the hybrid workforce by providing our customers with superior solutions that support delivering exceptional interview experiences through Zoom.” Ross Mayfield, Group Product Manager, Zoom Apps at Zoom

Video interviewing is here to stay and with Clovers and Zoom, organizations will be able to meet the demands of the changing hiring landscape with ease and confidence. 

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Jackie brings over a decade of HR technology experience to Clovers. She’s passionate about helping companies build talented and diverse (dream) teams and delivering an incredible hiring experience to everyone involved.

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