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Hire a diverse workforce with conscious inclusion

Every interviewer can craft the art of inclusive hiring so you can nurture diverse talent and improve recruiting fairness.

Belong Bundle

Why is inclusive hiring important?

In inclusive hiring, multiple perspectives, opinions, and beliefs are considered to reach a common goal. Your employees will think outside their comfort zones and challenge new notions and ideas by having a diverse workforce.

48% of HR managers admitted that bias affects their candidate choice.
86% of job seekers say a company’s diversity is an important factor.
Corporations identified as diverse are 35% more likely to outperform competitors.
How CLOVERS Belong works

Drive your DEI+B hiring vision forward

Building an equitable hiring process is a journey. Clovers provides step-by-step inclusive hiring tools so you can hire more diverse teams that help foster a culture of belonging.

Inclusive job descriptions

First impressions matter. Make sure your job descriptions appeal to everyone.

Using exclusionary words and phrases can tarnish your talent brand and inadvertently convince talented, qualified candidates that this is not the job for them. Make a difference in the representation of your applicant pool by optimizing your job descriptions.

  • Encourage a full range of diverse and talented candidates to apply for open positions.
  • Ensure your messaging is aligned with your organization’s commitment to diversity.
  • Set job expectations correctly from the beginning to increase employee retention.

Structured hiring

Ask candidates the same quality questions and assess on the same criteria.

When each interview and every question serves a purpose, each moment gets you closer to your goal: finding great hires. Deliver a consistent and equitable interviewing experience to ensure each interview is meaningful for everyone involved.

  • Interview guides to ensure interview consistency which keeps things fair.
  • Vast question library with I/O psychologist-certified questions tied to attributes.
  • A deliberate process and rubric to objectively assess all candidates.

Live coaching

Live interview guides for inclusive candidate conversations.

Give your teams live guidance with the exact quality questions to ask the candidate so they feel confident interviewing inclusively and can focus on deepening candidate relationships.

  • Guides give interviewers the confidence to have better, more inclusive conversations.
  • Diversify your interviewer pool by allowing any employee to deliver great interviews.
  • Recordings allow for mindful listening and focusing—not note-taking.

One-way interview recordings

Pre-recorded interviews provide insights beyond just resumes.

Allow candidates to self-record answers to interview questions on their own time and gain deep insight quickly.

  • Review candidate video responses at your own pace for faster screening.
  • Allow candidates to record responses on their own schedule to eliminate scheduling conflicts.
  • Structured interview questions increase objectivity and reduce bias.
  • Efficiently identify top candidates and streamline the selection process.

Video interview collaboration

Interview visibility and insights to assess interviewers and make impactful change.

Clovers provides interview transcription and key data insights so you can dig deeper into calls and promote data-backed decision-making and personalized coaching for every interviewer.

  • Understand how your interviewers perform with total visibility into recorded interviews.
  • Video transcription and insights to promote data-backed decision-making.
  • Video replaying (not recalling) enables teams to make accurate and less biased decisions.

Real results from people-first teams

Teams that use Clovers get more work done with less time and effort. We introduce new opportunities to decrease bias, improve interviewer coaching, and identify the perfect, more diverse candidates.

Increase in diverse candidates
Resume review time
Reduction in evaluation bias

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