Frequently asked questions

  • Clovers records and analyzes your video interviews to help recruiters and hiring teams collaborate, reduce unconscious bias, and craft better interviews.

    • Clovers is designed to work with your existing web conferencing tool – no need to learn and use a different web conferencing solution
    • Clovers recognizes what virtual meetings on your work calendar are actually interviews
    • Clovers joins the interview automatically and records and transcribes it
    • The recording and transcription is then made available to the hiring team, who can share, comment on, and capture highlights from the interview
    • Clovers records the interview and transcribes it – so there is no need to take notes. The interviewer can focus fully on the conversation and be confident that they can return to it later when filling out their candidate assessment
    • Clovers gives interviewers questions that are relevant to the role they are hiring for, so that they are never stumped on what to ask.
    • Clovers allows teams to resolve differences in opinion when assessing candidates by referencing the interview recording instead of relying solely on memory and personal interpretation
    • Clovers allows members of the hiring team to give feedback on candidates without having to actually interview them – they can simply watch a team member’s interview and give their input
    • Hiring Managers can get a ‘sneak peek’ of candidates screened by their recruiter partners to more quickly align on talent that should be brought forward into the formal interview process
    • Hiring Managers can quickly build interview guides for their teams using Clovers’ library of over 1000 I/O psychologist-certified questions to make sure interviewers are getting the right information to make a fair and equitable assessment
    • Have you ever managed a hiring process where members of the hiring team just couldn’t agree on a candidate? Hiring Managers can help resolve disputes within their hiring teams by replaying ‘game tape’ from the interview instead of relying solely on the memory of the interviewers.
    • Recruiters use recorded conversations from their screening calls to quickly align with the Hiring Manager on what they are looking for in a qualified candidate
    • With support for thousands of job functions, Recruiters use Clovers’ interview template capabilities to align with Hiring Managers on the attributes or skills that are important for candidates to showcase in order to be qualified for the role
    • Recruiters can give Hiring Managers a ‘sneak peek’ of the candidate, helping prepare them for an effective and meaningful conversation
    • Recruiters can quickly jumpstart new job searches with ‘silver medal’ candidates from previous searches by quickly sharing the recordings and highlight reels with the Hiring Manager
  • Currently, Clovers is compatible with Zoom and Microsoft Teams with Webex and Google Meet on the way soon.

  • Clovers is designed to integrate with most major Applicant Tracking Systems and currently has live integrations with Greenhouse, Lever, UKG, Breezy, and adding more all of the time.

    • Interviews in Clovers can be viewed by all of the participants in the interview, other members of the hiring team, and system administrators.
    • Interviews can be shared with other interested parties that do not have access to Clovers. When interviews are shared this way, access to the interview expires after 30 days (at most).
  • Yes. Clovers informs candidates that they are being recorded in several ways; a verbal announcement, a message sent to every participant informing them that they are being recorded, and a cover photo on the Clovers bots that shows up to to the interview that declares that the interview is being recorded.

    • Before the interview starts, simply go into your Clovers dashboard, find the interview on your schedule, and mark it to not record.
    • During a Zoom interview, you can dismiss the Clovers bot at any time by sending STOP in a direct message.
    • During a Teams interview, you can dismiss the Clovers bot at any time by sending STOP to the meeting chat.
  • Ultimately this is up to you! However, we like to use this language for our own interview process and you are welcome to use it – “This session will be recorded to help us create transparency in our recruiting process. We believe the best teams are made up of a collection of different kinds of people, and we are dedicated to recognizing and correcting any bias in our hiring practices. By recording interviews, we remain accountable to this mission and knowledgable about where we can improve.”

  • Interview data is owned by our clients and can be deleted at any time by anyone who has access to the interview.

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