We are Clovers

Clovers is a people-first interview intelligence company that builds software designed to hire better (dream!) teams. It all began in 2020 when we got solid investments to make software focused on revolutionizing the hiring experience by putting human connection and equitability at the heart of the interview process.

Who we are

Clovers is a diverse team of people who inspire each other to dream big and be more amazing every day. Our unique backgrounds fuel us as individuals, but we’re all united by a shared goal: creating superstar dream teams by empowering people to be their best and most authentic selves. This passion for helping people and teams achieve greatness together – and because of each other – is at the core of what we do.

Building dream teams

We’ve all experienced different team dynamics, but what exactly is a dream team, and how do you create one?

You’re part of a dream team when everyone is engaged and energized by working together. People are interconnected and invested in helping each other thrive. On a dream team, you’re given the freedom to contribute new ideas and show leadership skills. Dream teams are more resilient, more creative, and more successful. People feel uplifted and want to do more, in and out of the office.The result? Impossible goals become inevitable successes.

Clovers helps you build dream teams through smarter interviews that unlock deeper insights about candidates and their fit, not surface-level chats about college or their social media footprint. We show you how to remove bias to uncover hidden talent pools, and better assess candidates for culture and fit. Asking meaningful, relevant questions during interviews, along with greater team collaboration after them, leads to a more diverse, powerhouse workforce.

Clovers has one philosophy: everyone wins when we win together.

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Purpose-driven investors and advisors who believe in a more inclusive and equitable hiring experience.

Adam Miller, Founder/Chairman
Jason Navar, Founder/CEO
William Tincup, President/Editor, RecruitingDaily

Clovers Values

More about action, less about words

How we all work matters just as much as what we set out to achieve. That’s why our founding values are designed to inspire behaviors where everyone can be a role model.

Being open, honest, and working with integrity creates a space where everyone can thrive together. True courage is being open to change and having a growth mindset.

Take charge of your projects and roll up your sleeves to push them across the finish line. Seek out diverse opinions to turn ‘good’ into ‘great.’

Our customers and candidates are front-and-center. Our goal is to build more meaningful interviews, and we set a high bar for success. We innovate, but always with a personal touch.

Be a model citizen, in the office and in the community. Whether you cheer up a colleague or carry Grandma’s grocery bags, treat the world with dignity.

Shouldn’t life be fun? Bring donuts to meetings. Have the kind of weekend you can’t wait to share on Monday. Take the last slice of pizza. You’re worth it!

Join Us on our Mission

Creating dream teams for all everyone

We recognize great people come in many shapes, sizes, colors, have different backgrounds and experiences. We’re creating a workspace where you can feel included, safe and bring your whole self to work. A workspace where you can be your unique Clover self. We’re dedicated to hiring those talented clovers and we ensure that we treat you with respect and support so you can let your luck shine bright.

Embrace uniqueness

We’re building a community that’s safe for people of all backgrounds. We look for Clovers who help grow our culture.

100% Distributed + united

Although our work-family is located all over–we still learn, laugh, and collaborate together daily.

Ownership in a startup

We’re all eligible for equity awards, and we have big plans. That means when we play together, we win together.

Health + wellness

Helping you show up feeling great with healthcare, dental care, mental health days, and group workouts!

Put family first

You have a family who depends on you. We provide 100% paid leave for 12 weeks for any gender post-baby.

Solve important problems

We put our heads together to solve important and complex problems to help change how the world hires.

Come work with us

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. Send us an e-mail at [email protected] if you are interested in working with us towards our mission.