One-way VIDEO Screen

Reveal the fit a resume won’t

Allow candidates to self-record answers to interview questions and gain deep insight quickly.

Make your application and screening process more personal.
Minimize bias with a consistent, structured, and impartial hiring process.
Record and review videos on your own time and wherever you are.

Give candidates the experience they need to shine

Boost comfort and confidence

Allow applicants to control the interview environment—from where they are to what they wear. They’ll feel secure enough to put their best foot forward.

Avoid putting job-seekers on the spot

Screens can be intimidating. Let candidates rehearse, record, and re-record interview answers to reduce pressure and improve prep.

Work with busy schedules

Take the stress out of squeezing meetings into tight schedules or standard working hours. Anyday, anytime one-way video interviews are convenient and save everyone time.

Improve role understanding

Share company values and culture clearly with customizable branded content. Communicate expectations of the job, team, organization, and hiring process right from the start.

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Build more diverse teams

Meet people, not resumes

Resumes are poor indicators of someone’s ability to succeed, and they leave reviewers more vulnerable to bias. Ask skills-based questions to really get to know candidates, then make decisions using data—not gut feeling.

Support neurodiverse talent

Make reasonable adjustments to meet each applicant’s unique needs. Put them at ease with retake opportunities or extra time to prepare, and provide helpful tips along the way.

Evaluate fairly and consistently

Combat bias by asking the same questions in each interview. You’ll give each candidate a more fair interview, and you’ll be able to compare responses with ease.

Reach across borders and barriers

Don’t just look for applicants who share the same education, birthplace, or work experience. Open up your pool of qualified candidates, and you’ll build stronger, more diverse, and more innovative teams.

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Showcase your organization with a rich brand-immersive experience

Never miss an opportunity to connect with candidates. Humanize an otherwise automated screening process with branding elements like intro and outro videos, hiring team videos, and more. With personal touches on each asynchronous interview, you’ll generate excitement and provide applicants with a chance to connect more deeply with your brand.

Fill your interview pipeline quickly and meet candidates faster

Traditional screening methods require a lot of time and effort. With on-demand interviews, recruiters can review 6-10 recorded responses in the same time it would take to screen one candidate with a phone call. You’ll find more talent, more quickly.

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Improve collaboration with your hiring team

Traditional screening interviews are often completed by one HR professional at a time. When you use recorded responses instead, videos can be seen by all members of the hiring team. You’ll get more buy-in from colleagues and a more collaborative decision-making process.

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“We were able to put our candidates’ best foot forward and engage clients by sharing video interviews with them for quick feedback.”

Mark Kalmbach, Principal at Medallion Partners a Staffing Firm

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