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Clovers records and analyzes your video interviews to deliver insights your recruiters and hiring teams need to collaborate on hiring, reduce unconscious bias, and craft better interviews.

Hiring doesn’t come easy.
Improving how you interview is critical.

Corporations identified as diverse are 35% more likely to outperform competitors.
99% of hiring managers who get interviewer training say they truly needed it.
60% of applicants give up on a long hiring process.

How it works

Clovers puts thoughtful structure around interviewing to help hiring teams hire better employees that ramp faster, drive greater impact, and stay longer.

    • Standardized, consistent interview guide
    • Optimize your hiring manager relations
    • Diversify and scale your interviewer pool
    • Review best-in-class interview calls
    • Interview recordings to refer back to
    • In the moment live interview guide
    • Built-in automated rating tools
    • Interview preparation pre-prep step
    • Review combined hiring feedback
    • Use real data to justify decision making
    • Share recordings to a larger team
    • Track engagement in real-time
    • Complete visibility into all interviews
    • Collective accountabiltiy for DEI
    • Actionable insights for implovement
    • Standardized best-in-class interviews

Growing companies choose Clovers to hire better

Discover a World of Untapped Talent

Clovers opens up a whole new world of untapped quality talent, where companies can hire brilliant people and build diverse and inclusive dream teams. It’s better for business. Better for people. And better for the planet. Learn more about our mission.

See what success looks like with Clovers

  • HR leaders
  • In-house recruiters
  • Hiring managers
  • Staffing and RPO

Human resources leaders love Clovers

“Clovers provides live guidance of the questions to ask to both experienced and newer interviewers, enabling all employees to craft best-in-class interviews.”
Brittany Blalark, HR Leader

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