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What is Interview Intelligence?

Interview Intelligence is the modern way to approach hiring based on this framework of 4 core values. Incorporating this into your hiring practice gives your organization a competitive advantage in the war for talent.

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Clovers helps organizations craft better interviews so they can hire incredible teams—fast

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Rapid hiring from the comfort of where you are

  • Integrate seamlessly with Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Highlight and instantly share key interview moments internally
  • Consolidate and assess feedback across the hiring team

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Navigate the art + science of interviewing

  • Deliver an equitable, consistent interview
  • Ask insightful questions to uncover candidates’ real talent
  • Give real-time interview coaching to hiring managers

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Commit to equity, diversity, and transparency

  • Avoid compliance risks with real-time interviewer alerts
  • Drive accountability with recorded interviews and feedback
  • Track hiring metrics such as retention, attrition, and speed of hire

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Bad hiring practices impact everyone


Recruiters spend an average of ⅔ of their time on interviewing.

time spent interviewing

Hiring Managers

Up to 89% of candidates are lost due to a prolonged hiring process.

candidates move on


¼ candidates declined an offer because of a bad experience.

offers declined


80% of CEOs are worried about finding and hiring the right talent.

CEOs find hiring top of mind

Talent Coordinators

Talent Teams spend 30 minutes to 2 hours just to schedule a single interview.

2 hrs
to schedule one interview

Clovers will allow us to hire the best candidates faster with a better experience so we can focus on our mission of saving the lives of children.

John Leech, Director of Talent Acquisition,
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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