Effective Ways To Reduce Time To Hire

Speed & Efficiency

Stop missing the window of opportunity to hire great talent

Avoid the pitfalls of moving too fast or too slow. Clovers helps you progress top candidates through your funnel by boosting team productivity.

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Optimizing the hiring process can shorten hiring cycle by 60%
10 days
The best candidates are off the market in 10 days.
36 days
The average length of the hiring process is 36 days.

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Fill your interview pipeline quickly and meet your candidates faster

Fill your interview pipeline quickly and meet your candidates faster

Traditional screening methods are limited to how much time you have to evaluate. Reviewing pre-recorded videos consumes much less time than walk-in or live interviews. In the time it would take to screen one candidate during a 30-minute phone screen, you could review 6-10 recorded video responses and quickly access top talent.

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Better collaboration with your hiring team

Get full visibility with real-time collaborative feedback

Don’t make decisions in a silo. Instead, get as much input as possible from members of the hiring team to ensure you’re making the best possible decisions. And do it efficiently—with recorded interviews and interviewer feedback in a unified candidate dashboard, many minds can come to one place and communicate with ease.

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Interview effectively by asking the right questions

Interview effectively by asking the right questions

Gone are the days of awkward, biased questions and poor interviewer prep. Today, smart hiring teams use I/O-certified questions to conduct exceptional interviews. And recruiters and hiring managers build interview guides, complete with position-specific questions, to uncover skills and assess candidate fit.

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“We were able to put our candidates’ best foot forward and engage clients by sharing video interviews with them for quick feedback.”

Mark Kalmbach, Principal at Medallion Partners a Staffing Firm

Speed up hiring by sharing recorded videos

A speedy process your candidates will thank you for

A hiring process that is both thoughtful and efficient makes the overall experience much less tedious for candidates. When their time is respected, they feel respected and more excited about a potential position. With easily accessed video interviews, structured questions, and efficient communication, Clovers streamlines every step of the interview process.

Move forward or pass on candidate

Combat hiring manager indecision

Is your interview process taking too long because hiring managers are afraid to pick the wrong person? Manage indecision by relying on real data to uncover the best candidates. Share highlight reels to others so they can quickly review top picks. And support your hiring teams so they can make decisions with confidence.

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Pivot candidates to the right role, quickly

Pivot candidates to the right role, quickly

Not a great match? Easily transition (or duplicate) candidates to another role’s pipeline. Transferring, instead of starting the interview process from scratch, helps you retain excellent candidates. Break free from disconnected teams and antiquated methods and focus on getting the right people to the right roles.

Keep your hiring managers and recruiters in sync

Keep your hiring managers and recruiters in sync

With Clovers, everyone involved in the hiring process can work together harmoniously. Review interviews from various perspectives to foster an environment of collaboration and build trust with consistent communication. Make hiring decisions in sync and find the talent you need to keep moving forward.


“Clovers helped us avoid time spent with the wrong candidates which saved our executives hours every week”

Ashley Miller, Recruitment Coordinator @Comparably

For teams serious about closing top talent

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Talent Leaders

Supercharge your talent acquisition process by creating a culture of hiring mastery where every interview gives candidates an excellent experience that ultimately builds dream teams.

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Talent Operations

Shape the overall talent acquisition strategy by maximizing recruiter productivity through faster recruiter onboarding, centralized candidate feedback, and standardized interviewing.

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Create an impressive candidate experience that sets better expectations of the role and establishs genuine connections with top talent so you can win the best candidates on or off the market.

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Enable your hiring managers to connect better with candidates and conduct more effective hiring team debriefs so you can get back to what matters most, the human side of hiring.

Need to hire quickly?

Clovers can help you fill roles faster with more efficient and productive teams.