Transform your interviewers into hiring superstars

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Transform your interviewers into hiring superstars

With a transparent, data-driven, guided process, recruiters and hiring teams can make better hiring decisions with confidence.

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80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.
36% of candidates say well-prepared interviewers are a key to a positive experience.
Candidates in professional industries are most likely to accept an offer if their interview is “difficult.”

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Make hiring decisions based on job-relevant information

Don’t let interviews get derailed by off-topic, random, or repetitive questions. Focus on what’s important: accurately assessing candidates. Use a structured, consistent interview process with pre-set questions to evaluate job-relevant attributes.

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Preparation creates exceptional experiences

Comfortable candidates do better in interviews—making you more likely to gain insight into who they are. And interviewers have the power to set candidates at ease (or drive them away). Prepare them to deliver top-tier interviews by sharing prerecorded best-in-class interviews, reviewing appropriate questions, and going over feedback from previous interviews.

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Focus on the candidates (not on taking notes)

Stop scribbling down interview notes. Pay attention to the candidate in front of you and let Clovers automate the note-taking. Don’t worry about recall—you can highlight key moments and revisit them later.

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“We were able to put our candidates’ best foot forward and engage clients by sharing video interviews with them for quick feedback.”

Mark Kalmbach, Principal at Medallion Partners a Staffing Firm

Highlight and comment on relevant sections of audio and video conversations

Collaborate better with one view of candidate data

Transform the way you collaborate with a centralized candidate view. Don’t waste time chasing down decision-makers for their feedback. Instead, learn from other interviewers, share interview recordings, and comment on key moments with inline tagging.

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Help everyone get better with continuous coaching

Understand how your interviewers perform with total visibility into recorded interviews. Key influencers, like HR teams, can review recordings to better understand who needs help, then use coaching tools to make change happen. With consistent coaching at scale, you can raise the bar of every single interview.

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Collaborate better with one view of candidate data

Scale your interviewer pool to keep interviewers fresh

Organizations that don’t have a large pool of trained interviewers rely on small cohorts to get the job done. This causes bottlenecks and risks losing candidates to faster-moving companies. Grow and diversify your interviewer pool by allowing any employee to learn to deliver great interviews themselves.

Keep your hiring managers and recruiters in sync

Keep your hiring managers and recruiters in sync

With Clovers, everyone involved in the hiring process can work together harmoniously. Review interviews from various perspectives to foster an environment of collaboration and build trust with consistent communication. Make hiring decisions in sync and find the talent you need to keep moving forward.


“Having a tool that records and transcribes interviews gives me visibility into the hiring team’s key highlights and feedback all in one place.”

Tammy Hahn, Hiring Manager @ Groundswell

For teams serious about closing top talent

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Talent Leaders

Supercharge your talent acquisition process by creating a culture of hiring mastery where every interview gives candidates an excellent experience that ultimately builds dream teams.

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Talent Operations

Shape the overall talent acquisition strategy by maximizing recruiter productivity through faster recruiter onboarding, centralized candidate feedback, and standardized interviewing.

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Create an impressive candidate experience that sets better expectations of the role and establishs genuine connections with top talent so you can win the best candidates on or off the market.

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Enable your hiring managers to connect better with candidates and conduct more effective hiring team debriefs so you can get back to what matters most, the human side of hiring.

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