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Connect with your candidates like you actually know them

Clovers helps you create meaningful conversations that bring your brand to life, leave positive impressions, and eliminate drop-off.

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68% of candidates say the interview experience impacts their job decision.
88% of candidates said they would tell friends about a positive hiring experience.
Speed in the hiring process is 1 of 3 main reasons for candidate ghosting.

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Put your best pitch forward to close more top candidates

How interviewers conduct themselves will either draw candidates in or scare them away. Don’t just wing it—give hiring teams the tools they need to deliver your company’s best pitch (consistently). With the right prep, they’ll be able to deliver interviews that will seriously impress top talent.

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Structure your interviews for more effectiveness

When each interview and every question serves a purpose, each moment gets you closer to your goal: finding great hires. Deliver effective interviews with preselected questions—avoid irrelevant inquiries and reduce prep—and make sure each call is meaningful.

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Mindful listening leaves the candidate feeling great

Let Clovers take care of the notetaking and free up interviewers to focus on what’s more important: building relationships. You can count on a more engaged pool of prospective talent, more positive Glassdoor reviews, and happier people all around.

Preparation helps you get to know candidates before even meeting them

With access to resume details, interview progress, and recorded conversations, you can make candidates feel like you’ve taken the time to get to know them ahead of time (because you have!).

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Great questioning shows you’re serious about hiring the best

Top candidates appreciate being challenged. A thoughtful interview process, complete with great—and sometimes tough—questions, shows that your company sets a high bar. Clovers guides ensure candidate conversations are exciting, challenging, and engaging.

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Pivot candidates to the right role, quickly

Not a great match? Easily transition (or duplicate) candidates to another role’s pipeline. Transferring, instead of starting the interview process from scratch, helps you retain excellent candidates. Break free from disconnected teams and antiquated methods and focus on getting the right people to the right roles.


“Clovers helped us avoid time spent with the wrong candidates, which saved our executives hours every week.”

Ashley Miller, Recruitment Coordinator @Comparably

For teams serious about closing top talent

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Talent Leaders

Supercharge your talent acquisition process by creating a culture of hiring mastery where every interview gives candidates an excellent experience that ultimately builds dream teams.

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Talent Operations

Shape the overall talent acquisition strategy by maximizing recruiter productivity through faster recruiter onboarding, centralized candidate feedback, and standardized interviewing.

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Create an impressive candidate experience that sets better expectations of the role and establishs genuine connections with top talent so you can win the best candidates on or off the market.

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Enable your hiring managers to connect better with candidates and conduct more effective hiring team debriefs so you can get back to what matters most, the human side of hiring.

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