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Clovers Interview Intelligence platform analyzes video interview conversations and pulls out key insights for faster hiring team collaboration and more data-backed hiring decisions, so you chart your company’s future.

Interview Intelligence saves
10+ hours
per requisition

Video interviewing is
6x more effective
than phone interviews

Make your ATS even better by sending Clovers interview intelligence data back into your HR tech stack to reduce manual data input allowing the hiring process to move at super speed.

Why Clovers?

Instant user access

We have instant access for individual users so you can experience value without waiting for a more extensive approval process.


We have a dedicated implementation team and onboarding playbooks for larger businesses to give your team confidence.

Customer happiness

Our customer success team works as an extension of your team, and we partner with you to optimize and grow.

Safe and secure

We take security seriously. We’re SOC2 Type 1 Certified and GDPR compliant so you can rest easy and focus on hiring.


We take proactive steps to ensure your recruitment process is positive and inclusive for all applicants.

Intuitive experience

We ensure Clovers is easy to use for admins and end-users by designing and conducting research sessions with our customers.

Partner programs

The greatest partners to amplify impact

Integration partners

Clovers connects with the tools you already use to supercharge your interview process within your normal flow of work.

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ALLIANCE partners

Clovers partners with innovative HR tech companies to enable the best recruiting experience possible.

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Security in place—we’ve checked everything

We comply with current industry standards and regulations so you can feel confident that your company and candidate data remain safe and secure.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of your data by preventing it from unauthorized access with industry best practices like single sign-on and federation.


We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest. All data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and Amazon’s Key Management Service. Data in transit is encrypted using TLS.


Our product is designed for high performance and availability, and built on best-in-class core technologies, such as AWS, so your organization can scale confidently and securely.

We have established and follow strict information security policies

SOC 2 - Type I Trust Services Principles
General Data Protection Regulation for the EU

We rest easy knowing our Clovers user data is protected 24/7 in the cloud.

Candice Schmitt, Head of People @Groundswell

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