Build a workforce that’s as diverse as the world

Diversity & Inclusion

Build a workforce that’s as diverse as the world

Changing the workplace starts with changing how you hire. With Clovers, you can scale structured, consistent, and evidence-based hiring for a fundamentally more equitable process.

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Corporations identified as diverse are 35% more likely to outperform competitors.
Diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenue
80% of respondents believe that inclusivity is an important aspect of hiring.

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Inclusive job description language

First impressions matter. Make sure your job descriptions appeal to everyone.

Using exclusionary words or phrases can tarnish your brand and inadvertently convince talented, qualified candidates that they shouldn’t apply. Increase representation within your applicant pool by reworking job posts, emails, and social content to reflect your commitment to inclusion.

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Redacted personally identifiable information in resumes

Block out personally identifiable info in resumes and assess with focus

Review resumes more fairly by removing the bias in resumes in the selection process and objectively scoring based on predetermined skills needed for the job.

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Level the playing field by asking the same quality questions

Level the playing field by asking the same questions

Clovers interview guides offer thousands of questions for teams to use during the hiring process. Organized by role, all questions are I/O certified for effectiveness. Interview guides also ensure a consistent experience for each candidate, and consistency keeps things fair.

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Rely on replaying, not recalling, interviews

Rely on replaying, not recalling, interviews

Memories aren’t always accurate—don’t risk remembering wrong or letting bias distort the facts. Allow recorded video interviews to provide the most accurate information. Video replay helps your team make more accurate and less biased hiring decisions.

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Quote from Family Centers, Cathy Hogen
“Clovers recordings gave me full visibility into what is actually being said during interviews and keeps everyone on their A-game.”

Cathy Hogan, Education Director @ Family Centers, a Nonprofit Company

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Get full visibility into every interview to ensure quality

Recorded interviews can hold teams accountable for asking the same approved questions of each candidate. And wIth one central view of the candidate’s recording and feedback, you can check bias at the door and ensure an equitable review process.

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Multiple people from the organization review the candidate interview recording.

Scale your interviewer pool to diversify interviewers

Ensure your organization has a scalable pool of diverse interviewers to lean on to help build a culture of inclusion. Grow and diversify your interviewer pool by training employees to shadow best-in-class interviews. You can expect a 2% increase in candidate acceptance rates for every 1% increase in representation.

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Drive important change with insights into hiring practices

Drive important change with insights into hiring practices

Replace gut feeling with fact. Clovers provides key data insights so hiring teams can better evaluate each candidate with objective information. Interview highlights, percentage talk time, and candidate feedback are some of the features that provide real evidence for decision-making.

Candidate and interviewer happy while interviewing

Let your candidates feel seen

A thoughtful, structured, and consistent interview process will empower hiring teams to deliver a candidate experience. Your interviewers will be able to better assess the right skills, traits, and qualifications of the candidate.

For teams serious about closing top talent

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Talent Leaders

Supercharge your talent acquisition process by creating a culture of hiring mastery where every interview gives candidates an excellent experience that ultimately builds dream teams.

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Talent Operations

Shape the overall talent acquisition strategy by maximizing recruiter productivity through faster recruiter onboarding, centralized candidate feedback, and standardized interviewing.

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Create an impressive candidate experience that sets better expectations of the role and establishs genuine connections with top talent so you can win the best candidates on or off the market.

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Enable your hiring managers to connect better with candidates and conduct more effective hiring team debriefs so you can get back to what matters most: the human side of hiring.

Ready to build diverse and inclusive dream teams?

Give your hiring teams the tools they need to root out inequity.