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January 18, 2023 Updated: December 14, 2023 5 min read

Clovers has been on a fantastic journey. When we started almost two years ago, our primary objective was to help clients build their own dream teams. When we turned our focus to the interview process, we saw a dramatic shift in the way people were hiring—interviews went from almost exclusively in-person to virtual. We wanted to leverage that. 

At the same time, we knew that video interviews risked imposing harm if they were conducted incorrectly. Impersonal technology, algorithms, metrics, and check boxes all have a way of dehumanizing candidates and reinforcing biases. 

Instead of dehumanizing candidates, we wanted to make sure we were centering them, treating them as multi-dimensional people, and maximizing their potential. And that we were shaping workspaces that celebrate diversity and community along the way. 

Today, as we center the human aspect of hiring, we realize that fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) in our workplaces is more than just good business. It’s the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, prioritizing DEI&B comes with its own set of challenges. Most organizations struggle to meet diversity goals from the ground up. Many hiring teams are unsure how to best present job descriptions to the right talent pools, maintain a narrow view of what a successful profile looks like, or lack the skills needed for unbiased interviewing. 

Combine that with the difficulty of attracting a broad range of applicants, building the right shortlist, avoiding groupthink and ‘gut feel’ in hiring decisions, and providing an experience reflective of your brand. Then consider managing external pressures—like the need for efficiency and cost savings—and you’ll strain even the most well-intentioned talent teams. 

On top of that, diverse candidates who don’t feel welcomed during the interview process drop off quickly. 

Under all that pressure, the changes necessary for DEI&B hiring either aren’t made to last…or aren’t made at all.

At Clovers, we won’t settle for that. It should be easier to build diverse and inclusive organizations. Because it’s essential—for both a thriving workforce and a better world. 

Of course, turning bright ideas into reality takes work. Addressing these pain points requires strategy. A good one.

Enter: a new era of hiring. A new world of conscious inclusion. The shift to a virtual work landscape was gradual until the pandemic. Now, it’s the norm for talent acquisition teams to use technology when connecting with remote candidates.

It’s time for an updated hiring model. We need tech that delivers a high-quality interview experience to workers everywhere and gives hiring teams the tools they need to build a robust, qualified, and diverse workforce.

So, what’s next? 

We’re combining Clovers and TalVista. Together, we’re transforming hiring. We’re making it easier than ever to meet DEI&B goals with inclusion leading the way—from attracting, reviewing, and shortlisting candidates, to conducting video interviews, all the way to making final data-backed hiring decisions. All while ensuring the entire process is seamless, efficient, and effective. 

Why Clovers and TalVista? We founded our respective companies with the same goal. We want to support our client’s businesses and help them build stronger, more diverse, and more inclusive teams than ever before. 

Our companies went about things a little differently—TalVista supports hiring with inclusive data-driven candidate attraction and standardized screening technology. They focus on widening the talent pool by promoting inclusive language in job descriptions and recruiting content. They also offer standardized resume redaction so hiring teams can perform objective resume reviews and score candidate competencies using their validated data-backed process. All in, they help companies shortlist qualified candidates regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or even the hiring managers’ alma mater. 

Clovers developed innovative video interviewing technologies with recording and interview guides. Built to integrate with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we empower interviewers to focus on conversations and get to know candidates on a deeper level. As our technology helps hold hiring teams accountable, we place a special emphasis on collaboration, accountability, and coaching. 

Though we’re working to improve different parts of the hiring process, we’re complementary—inclusion is at the core of what each of us does.

Together, we support a singular vision: provide a person-first hiring experience. With our combined tech, we’ll modernize each step of the process while prioritizing inclusion. 

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We’re setting a new standard as we usher in the next-generation interview experience. Our first-of-their-kind offerings will save time, increase the quality of hires, and allow for unprecedented visibility into interviews. 

Most importantly, HR leaders will now have the tools they need to build the successful, sustainable, and diverse teams they might have only dreamed of. They’ll no longer be at the mercy of outdated systems and processes. Instead, they’ll attract and close on great talent fast. They’ll spend more time having personal, meaningful conversations. And they’ll find that increasing connection with talent makes for positive outcomes, satisfied candidates, and stronger businesses.

“In the last two years, we have seen DEI concerns rise to the top priority in nearly every research effort we have produced, but employers sometimes aren’t sure how to proceed in a practical way”, said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “Both Talvista and Clovers have given employers clear options for creating more inclusive organizations, benefiting not only candidates but companies as well. This combination bodes well for companies that care about creating a workplace where everyone belongs.”

Collectively, Clovers and TalVista already deliver hiring solutions to over 100 organizations nationwide. In the months ahead, teams ready to join them can select Clovers and TalVista services that best meet their needs. And companies that use both will find a seamless integration between the two.

In the end, while TalVista urges hiring teams to “see beyond the obvious,” Clovers aims to connect organizations with their perfect clovers—those lucky four-leaf finds often hidden in a sea of green. Though the messaging might sound different, we’re both asking hiring professionals to do the same thing: look closer. Especially in those once-passed-over places. Because we know that’s where companies find the best people—the best humans—that dream teams are made of. Join us, and find yours. Reach out to us for a demo or to learn more. 

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Jackie brings over a decade of HR technology experience to Clovers. She’s passionate about helping companies build talented and diverse (dream) teams and delivering an incredible hiring experience to everyone involved.

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