Interview Intelligence

Where AI technology and human empathy connect to help organizations evolve talent acquisition to create an inclusive, efficient, and people-focused hiring strategy. Because great interviews today make the dream teams of tomorrow.

Today’s broken interviews

Recruiter driven
Hiring manager tells hiring team they are part of the interview loop with little details
Interviewers just “wing it” based on the flow of conversation
Interviews are a black box, conversations are recalled based on memory
Interview process is unclear for everyone, causing confusion and hiring delays


Intelligent Interviewing

Hiring manager and recruiter driven from the start
Hiring manager has identified key skills and assigns questions to each interviewer
Interviewers are prepped with equitable and skills-based questions
Interviews are recorded and can be replayed and shared
Hiring team and candidates are clear on interview process and timeline

Interview Intelligence focuses on 4 core values

4 core values of interview intelligence


Interviewing is human at its core, let’s keep it that way.


Conversational intelligence makes interviewing smarter, faster and more equitable.

Intelligently connected

Software should remove complexity not create it, by connecting to your existing tech stack and workflow.


The best teams are diverse, embracing all backgrounds, experience and expertise.

intelligent interviewing framework
Human led

Design an experience for the people in the process

Keep recruiters, hiring teams and candidates top-of-mind every step of the way.

Deliver technology designed to increase interviewer confidence and make the candidate shine
Ask equitable and competency based questions to uncover candidate skills and talents
Help interviewers conduct great interviews so candidates feel comfortable being their authentic self
AI supported

Use conversational intelligence to inform interview experiences

Create hiring transparency and growth opportunities for hiring managers and candidates.

Expose hiring patterns, both good and bad, within your organization using AI
Coach and train hiring teams and candidates by leveraging recorded interviews and transcriptions
Make measurable progress on organizational goals with data
Intelligently connected

Connectivity without added complexity

Enhance interview experiences within your current flow of work.

Seamlessly integrate into current tech to ensure ease of use and user adoption
Minimize new processes while positively impacting hiring results
Create efficiency and productivity in the interview process
Inclusion focused

Create a mindset and space for everyone to belong

Build diverse teams with an interview experience focused on equity and accessibility for all.

Fairly evaluate candidates based on skills not personal characteristics or opinions
Embrace diverse experiences, opinions and backgrounds
Analyze and address bias hiring trends within your organization

Better interviews, better business


of organizations state the better the candidate experience, the better the quality of hire.


is the increase in productivity of a happy, engaged employee.


greater profitability with highly engaged teams which enables better business results.