Top 9 HR tech influencers to follow in 2022

March 21, 2022 Updated: September 28, 2023 8 min read

Not that long ago, recruiters had to tediously sift through stacks of paper resumes, manually manage applicant pools, and make hiring decisions based on gut feeling alone. 

Today, recruitment technology has significantly changed the way companies find, interview, and hire the best candidates. From automatic applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate relationship management (CRM) software to job matching and intelligent interview tools, technology has forever altered the recruiting landscape. Not only does modern HR technology help talent acquisition teams streamline processes and increase efficiency, it also helps companies hire top talent faster and easier than ever before—a must in today’s candidate-driven market. 

But as new and innovative recruitment technologies are constantly emerging, it can be hard for busy HR teams to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Fortunately, there are a number of HR technology experts that are on the cutting edge when it comes to keeping an eye on the latest technology insights and developments.  

So, who should you follow to stay informed about the latest HR technology trends? And what can they teach us about building a successful career in the HR field? Here’s our list of the top HR influencers you need to follow.

1. Steve Boese

Title: Co-founder
Company: H3 HR Advisors

About Steve:
A well-known HR thought leader, Steve is co-chair of the HR Technology Conference and a columnist for Human Resource Executive Magazine. He’s also the co-founder of H3 HR Advisors Inc.—a leading HR technology advisory and services consultancy—and a frequent author and speaker on all things human resources. He created and co-hosts the most downloaded and longest running human resources podcast, the HR Happy Hour Show.  

Why we follow Steve:
It’s difficult to be a part of the HR community without being familiar with Steve’s work. Being such a strong voice among HR professionals, Steve explores and dissects many of the thoughts and principles espoused by Clovers. We also just really love his podcast.

2. Laura Close

Title: Founder

About Laura:
A 20-year veteran of the DEI space, Laura spent her career both locking in new structural opportunities and access for historically excluded communities—as well as coaching executive leaders on designing and deploying KPIs for DEI at scale. Her expertise in evaluating obstacles in the workplace regarding DEI efforts led her to co-found Included, a data platform that uses data-driven insights to help companies identify and act on potential recruitment bias. 

Why we follow Laura:
Clovers and Included have very similar missions, which is to leverage technology during the hiring process to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. And Laura’s vision for an unbiased, people-first recruitment process is one that we admire tremendously.

3. Lauren Cowan

Title: Founder
Company: DayoneHR

About Lauren:
Lauren launched DayoneHR, an HR tech consultancy, in 2016 to provide solutions to many of the pain points faced by HR teams the world over. DayoneHR supports HR teams as they move to adopt HR tech and automated process flows that make managing a talent acquisition or human resources department easier than ever.

Why we follow Lauren:
Over the years, Lauren has helped transform HR teams around the world with her HR tech expertise and knowledge. Her ability to deliver HR tech experiences that enhance the employee lifecycle and help businesses grow—even in challenging times—is something we think is worth stopping for.    

4. Brigette Hyacinth

Title: Author 

About Brigette:
As a bestselling author and international keynote speaker, Brigette is an expert on all things leadership, management, HR, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence (AI). For more than 15 years she’s been advising educators, governments, and business leaders on how to unlock creative potential, increase productivity, and build innovative organizations.  

Why we follow Brigette:
Brigette’s strong voice and thought leadership in the HR and digital transformation community has made a huge impact on countless careers. At Clovers, we believe that smart technology and AI can transform the way HR teams hire and grow their organizations—principles that Brigette consistently promotes. 

5. Patricia Karam

Title: CEO
Company: Mission Recruit

About Patricia:
In 2021, Patricia introduced the new concept of Human Design to the HR industry. This new way of approaching HR draws inspiration from both Eastern and Western practices, providing an objective alternative to traditional personality assessment tools. This helps teams better understand how they’re designed to make decisions and where their strengths lie.     

Why we follow Patricia:
We admire the work of Patricia because of her long-lasting impact on how HR teams improve DEI within their organizations. Leveraging technology to reduce unconscious bias and improve hiring practices is a core belief of ours—and Patricia is without a doubt an industry pioneer when it comes to promoting this principle.

6. Trevor Larson

Title: Founder
Company: NectarHR

About Trevor:
Trevor is the founder and CEO of Nectar, an employee recognition and rewards platform that helps build camaraderie and drive engagement across remote-first, asynchronous teams. By creating a platform where it’s easy for teams to recognize one another, Nectar has provided an opportunity to give those unsung heroes the recognition they deserve.    

Why we follow Trevor:
The pandemic made it clear that empowering employees with the opportunity to provide each other with recognition and social capital is a vital part of retention and satisfaction. And Nectar allows them to do just that. At Clovers, we’re all about encouraging one another and giving credit where it’s due.

7. Hung Lee

Title: Writer
Company: Recruiting Brainfood

About Hung:
As the man behind the immensely popular weekly newsletter Recruiting Brainfood, Hung Lee is at the forefront of emerging talent trends. Covering a huge range of subjects—like AI, culture and D&I, organizational network analytics, tech hiring, the future of work, blockchain, and more—his curated newsletter gets straight to the heart of all things HR.     

Why we follow Hung:
Without a doubt, Hung is one of the most exciting voices in HR and often leads the conversation for topics that we at Clovers feel are extremely important, including diversity hiring, candidate experience, and intelligent recruiting. If you’re not subscribed to the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter, you’re missing out.  

8. Rebecca Liebman

Title: CEO
Company: Learnlux

About Rebecca:
As the CEO and co-founder of LearnLux, Rebecca is on a mission to make financial well-being accessible in the workplace. By blending digital planning and one-on-one guidance from Certified Financial Planner™️ professionals, LearnLux offers customizable and unbiased guidance that has employees’ best interests at front and center.  

Why we follow Rebecca:
Rebecca’s passion for working with people alongside harnessing the power of technology to create a better world is infectious. Providing trusted financial wellness advice for employees can be a great way to reduce employee turnover, improve well-being, and attract new hires—and LearnLux offers a great way to achieve just that.        

9. Phil Strazzulla 

Title: Founder
Company: SelectSoftwareReviews

About Phil:
As the founder of SelectSoftwareReviews, Phil and his team provide HR leaders with unbiased and authentic reviews that help them discover and buy the right software. With so many software vendors to choose from, these reviews are designed to cut through all the noise and help HR leaders find the right tools to empower their teams.     

Why we follow Phil:
Phil’s refreshing and unique approach distills all the relevant information into easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks. Rather than having to wade through hundreds of user reviews, everything is laid out in one place. These expert-driven reviews give HR and business leaders the confidence they need to choose the right tools to make an impact.     

Staying ahead of the HR tech curve

Of course the HR industry is vast and it would be impossible to highlight all of our favorite HR influencers in just one post. But one thing all of the HR influencers on this list have in common is that as forward-thinking and progressive talent leaders, they’re always looking for ways to improve the hiring process.

As companies in all sectors increasingly prioritize DEI initiatives, one area of particular focus is how companies can make the hiring process more fair, unbiased, and inclusive. It’s why many of today’s most respected HR experts are buzzing about Clovers. As the only platform that enables companies to deliver an equitable interview experience for all candidates, it’s one tool you definitely don’t want to leave out of your recruitment tech stack. 

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