candidate experiencing a good interview experience

Create a culture of hiring mastery by coaching

Great interviews start with great conversations. Recruiters and hiring teams need tools that help them ask the right interview questions to uncover candidate skills and how they can meaningfully contribute to the organization.

Help interviewers and candidates have great conversations

Clovers Interview Coach

Increase interviewer effectiveness and confidence

Preparing for interviews is hard and there never seems to be any time. With Clovers interview guides, questions are I/O psychologist approved, role specific, and assess skills critical for the job.
Recorded calls

Coachable moments to help interviewers become better

Understand how your interviewers perform with recorded interviews. HR Teams can review recordings and deliver impactful interview coaching to elevate interview skills across the organization. Coaching based on real examples can provide clarity and context for interview teams and help them understand how to get better at their craft.
Candidate info pre-prep step

Essential candidate information creates a great candidate experience

Set your teams up for interview success with essential candidate information and relevant interview questions right at their fingertips.

Interview Intelligence Framework

Interview intelligence is here to help organizations evolve talent acquisition to create an inclusive, efficient, and outcomes focused hiring strategy. Because great interviews today create dream teams tomorrow.

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“We are excited to partner with Clovers to help us provide
structure to both experienced and newer interviewers,
enabling all employees to craft best-in-class interviews.

Brittany Blalark, Human Resources Generalist @ Dental Intelligence

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