We protect your data and privacy

We give you the information and tools you need to meet your privacy obligations and your peace of mind.

Our privacy policy


Protecting our customers’ data privacy is always a top priority for Clovers. Clovers understands the importance of protecting the critical business and personal information entrusted to Clovers hiring platform. Read more about our privacy policy.

Data handling

We take handling your data very seriously. We classify all data, and our employees are trained on the proper handling of your (and our) data. Our employees are granted access to systems that hold your data on a “need-to-know” basis (i.e. if required to perform their job). Employees who have access to systems that hold your data are required to use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. 

Learn more about privacy settings

Different companies have different demands as do privacy settings. Clovers provides many options when it comes to privacy, but this means that you need to ensure you understand and are using our application in a way consistent with your requirements. For any privacy concerns, you can take a look at our privacy policy here.

Feel free to email us with any additional questions at [email protected].