Hire great people—in less time
and with fewer resources.

Gain more insight on candidates in a fraction of the time by having candidates self-record video answers to your interview questions. Clovers customers see time-to-hire cut by 30% and save 12 hours of admin in the recruiting process.

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Finally, simple video interviewing
software for faster hiring

Implementing video interviews helps everyone involved in the hiring process
make better decisions about which candidates to move forward with.

Fill your interview pipeline quickly and meet candidates faster

With on-demand interviews, recruiters can review 6-10 recorded responses in the same time it would take to screen one candidate with a phone call. You’ll find more talent, more quickly.

  • Understand candidates better than with phone interviews
  • Watch recorded video interviews whenever you want
  • Interview many more people in much less time

Improve collaboration with your hiring team

Share video interviews with hiring managers to obtain their feedback saving both you and them time in the recruiting process.

  • Validate decisions on which candidates should move forward
  • Gather more evaluations to reduce individual recruiter bias
  • Make hiring managers feel part of the selection phase

Improve the quality of your final interviews

Video interview software is an effective tool for helping you identify the best candidates for the position earlier in the hiring process.

  • Get to know your candidates on a more personal level
  • Fairly assess candidates through structured video interviews
  • Ensure you’re investing time and effort into the most engaged candidates
Data insights to guide and coach hiring teams

Glean valuable data from every interview to make change

Understand how your interviewers perform with total visibility into recorded interview insights.

  • Review keyword mentions, talk-listen ratios, speaker tracks, participants, and duration on call records
  • Highlight and comment on relevant sections of audio and video conversations
  • Rely on replaying, not recalling, interviews by rewatching the recorded conversations

Ready to streamline your hiring?

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Enable flexible invitation, review, and sharing of completed interviews on your schedule

Streamline screening
Candidates record at their convenience without scheduling concerns.
No more phone calls
Cut out the 30-minute phone calls with early candidates.
Quicker feedback
Get immediate input from hiring managers by sharing recording.
Branded experience
Leave candidates with a memorable impression of your organization.
An equitable process where all candidates respond to the same questions.
Give candidates with busy schedules the power to interview whenever.

Why forward-thinking talent acquisition teams choose Clovers


Fewer interviews per hire


Reduction in cost per hire


Reduction in time-to-hire

“Using Clovers, we were able to take a 45 minute scheduled phone interview and replace it with a 15 minute one-way video interview. This change has saved us countless hours in the screening process, and also given us the insights to only focus our time on the best applicants.”

“Clovers has really enabled us to review a lot more candidates than we ever have been able to in the past… we’re able to look at a lot more candidates in a lot less time.”

“We are connecting hiring managers with candidates, this takes a lot of the guess work out of looking at a resume or application and determining who might be a good fit for the position.”

Streamline and speed up your hiring process with Clovers.‍

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