Optimize job descriptions for greater inclusion

Clovers’ revolutionary research-based algorithms identify problematic words within job descriptions that could keep qualified candidates from applying to your posted jobs.

Why you need optimized job descriptions:
• Optimized jobs help you attract a wider range of talent
• 39% of job seekers stop pursuing a job that doesn’t feel inclusive
• 86% of candidates consider a company’s approach to inclusion

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Hire better using the right language

Real-time feedback helps you create job listings that attract all candidates, including underrepresented ones,

Based on research, our optimizer analyzes job descriptions for problematic words and phrases that are known to discourage underrepresented candidates from applying.

The initial score appears once the job description is uploaded and analyzed. The score updates automatically as optimizations are made.
Additional terms are available to optimize the job description further.
Varying shades of green indicate scientifically researched inclusive terms.
Varying shades of red indicate scientifically researched problematic terms.
When hovering over a term, a selection of scientifically researched inclusive terms appears for optimization.
Inclusive job description language

Research-based language that goes beyond guessing

Using AI like ChatGPT to analyze job descriptions or having co-workers review your work can be inaccurate and misleading. AI is subject to the bias of humans, and crowdsourcing can turn into a guessing game.

Our research is better than that. We’ve surveyed thousands of people and studied their responses closely. Based on those results, we have a validated database of inclusive and exclusionary terms.

Job descriptions make or break the start of the entire hiring process

49.7 seconds is how long the average person spends reading a job description, which means every second counts. Ensure your messaging is clear, engaging, and aligned with your company’s culture and values—especially your DE&I values—to leave a great first impression.

Our terms are inclusive of:

  • Gender
  • People of color
  • People with disabilities
  • Age
  • LGBTQ+
  • Veterans

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Here is how inclusive and efficient your team can be:


Reduction in cost per hire


Increase in diverse representation


Reduction in time-to-hire

Raytheon experienced a 5% increase in diverse candidates and a 73% increase in female applicants.

“I have been driving DEI for years and have long had a clear vision of the business impact. Clovers has helped to attract and ultimately hire more women and people of color and has boosted my personal brand around DEI here at Raytheon.”- Senior Director Talent Acquisition

Seamlessly connects to your favorite HR tools

Clovers integrations make it easy to ditch manual work, reduce bias at scale, and create a smooth-as-butter workflow. Here are a few (though we have a lot more!)…

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