Internal Recruitment

Internal recruiting is the process of filling vacancies within a business from its existing workforce. This is unlike external recruiting when a business looks to fill vacancies from outside. In a year where the recruitment landscape has looked very different, internal recruiting can be a great way to fill roles, fast.

Companies today use internal recruitment to fill roles in their business that are best suited to having an insider’s view or knowledge, as well as encourage loyalty and a sense of progress for employees. Internal recruiting is an important aspect of any business as it can save time, money, and resources when compared to recruiting externally.

In order to support internal recruitment, there must be a point of reference on to base the recruitment decisions on. Because how can you know someone’s potential if you don’t first understand their skills and experiences? To understand your bench strength of skills, many organizations develop a competency framework and then assess their workforce based on this framework. You can then compare the skills and competencies required for each role with the skills and competencies of any individual employee.

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