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Build interview guides
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Enable your hiring team to connect with candidates more effectively with certified interview questions. Free up interviewers to focus on candidates, not on taking notes, while delivering a great candidate experience.

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Collaborate on feedback to uncover the best candidates

Clovers records and analyzes the video interviews delivering recruiters and hiring teams one shared candidate view to review insights, see clearly what is and isn’t a fit, and collaborate on feedback and ratings.

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Improve candidate outcomes with continuous coaching

Understand and improve your hiring team’s interview skills and provide customized coaching to create rockstar interviewers, making the interview process more efficient and effective.

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Building dream teams by filling roles with amazing hires

“Clovers provides live guidance of the questions to ask to both experienced and newer interviewers, enabling all employees to craft best-in-class interviews.”

Brittany Blalark, HR Leader

“Clovers helped us avoid time spent with the wrong candidates which saved our execs hours every week.”

Ashley Miller, Recruiter

“Having a tool that records and transcribes interviews gives me visibility into the hiring team’s key highlights and feedback all in one place.”

Tammy Hahn, Hiring Manager