Make the candidate experience a competitive advantage

February 24, 2022 Updated: September 28, 2023 2 min read

How a seamless, transparent, and equitable candidate experience can create a distinct competitive advantage and turn your company into a destination employer.

The modern workforce has completely transformed the hiring landscape: historically reliable talent acquisition strategies just aren’t cutting it anymore. 

In previous years, companies with deep pockets, experienced recruiters, and great reviews seemed to always snatch up the best talent. But today’s job seekers aren’t evaluating their potential employers as they did before—and in a candidate’s market, employers need to adapt to candidates’ changing expectations of their employers and interview experiences. Job seekers now pay close attention to organizations’ missions, values, and culture to find an organization that resonates with them on a meaningful level. 

82% of job applicants consider employer brand and reputation before applying for a job—a 7% increase in the past 5 years1

As a direct result, the hiring market is saturated with job descriptions that try to entice candidates with colorful messaging about how they work on innovative projects in an exciting, fast-paced work environment that rewards accomplishment and initiative. But as one job post blends into another, businesses must seek out new strategies to stand out from the crowd. 

Organizations can gain a competitive advantage by enhancing their candidate experience through an increased focus on improving the interviewing process.

Doug Leonard

Doug is constantly working to make the hiring process more objective, insightful, and informed. As a trusted leader in the recruitment industry, Doug is always ready to guide candidates and companies to (and through) a person-first hiring experience.

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