AI Recruiting

AI recruiting refers to the utilization of artificial intelligence within the recruiting and talent acquisition process. There is a wide variety of AI recruiting tools for every stage of the hiring process including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. From auto-screening candidates to managing communication to more effectively to interviewing and assessing candidates, AI has a number of applications that can help recruiting professionals accelerate hiring, uncover bias, and find the best-it candidates for the role.

AI is often utilized within different technology solutions to help streamline or automate parts of the recruiting workflow. This, in turn, enables recruiters to work more efficiently and spend more time on the work that only humans can do—like building strong relationships.

AI recruiting technologies can also leverage talent acquisition data to provide recruiting teams insight into their hiring process and candidate pools. For example, Clovers is an ai-powered video interview platform that uses interview intelligence to help hiring teams analyze their conversations so they can deliver more consistent, equitable, and engaging interviews and identify a candidate’s true-fit.

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