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ID 618
Date September 10, 2021
Title 5 talent acquisition tactics that will find you a great fit—and what you can learn from them
Url https://clovers.ai/resources/what-is-talent-acquisition/
Summary Talent acquisition: How recruiting departments cultivate long-term talent There was a time when the hiring process looked like this at most organizations: A company looking to fill an open position...
Image Element talent acquisition strategies
Image Url https://clovers.ai/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Talent-acquisition-strategies-that-lead-to-better-hires-150x150.jpg
ID 213
Date July 12, 2021
Title 6 freshly picked benefits of video interviews in 2021
Url https://clovers.ai/resources/video-interview-benefits/
Summary The recent shift to remote work brought a shift in employee priorities and preferences. Many remote workers found a renewed sense of work-life balance, and others even found themselves more...
Image Element benefits of video interview
Image Url https://clovers.ai/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Benefits-and-advantages-of-video-interviews-in-2021-150x150.jpg
ID 217
Date June 24, 2021
Title Interview preparation 101: What is it and how to do it well
Url https://clovers.ai/resources/best-practices-for-interview-preparation/
Summary With this thriving economy and candidate-driven market, it’s vital that you and your team are able to provide quality interviews with confidence. The good news: putting the following skills into...
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Image Url https://clovers.ai/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Best-practices-for-interview-preparation-150x150.jpg
ID 220
Date June 7, 2021
Title 5 ways to protect your candidate experience from being prehistoric
Url https://clovers.ai/resources/mistakes-to-avoid-when-interviewing-job-candidates/
Summary Gone are the days of stuffy cubicle walls and long commutes. The ability for employees to work remotely was once considered a perk—right up there with free food, ping pong...
Image Element improve candidate experience by avoiding these mistakes while interviewing job candidates
Image Url https://clovers.ai/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Biggest-mistakes-to-avoid-when-interviewing-job-candidates-150x150.jpg
ID 224
Date May 10, 2021
Title Candidate experience: What success actually looks like
Url https://clovers.ai/resources/creating-a-positive-interview-experience-for-candidates/
Summary Recruiters and hiring managers are busy people with many demanding responsibilities. Between filtering through resumes, screening applicants, and managing interviews, it can be hard to ensure every candidate has a...
Image Element creating a positive candidate experience
Image Url https://clovers.ai/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Tips-for-creating-a-positive-interview-experience-for-candidates-150x150.jpg