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Title Type: Checklist
ID 209
Date July 22, 2021
Title A quick guide to the candidate experience (plus 23 must-know facts for HR Pros)
Url https://clovers.ai/resources/candidate-experience-2021-recruiter-guide/
Summary Table of Contents What is Candidate Experience? Why is Candidate Experience Important? How Do You Measure Candidate Experience? What Are Examples of a Positive Candidate Experience? What Makes a Negative...
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ID 212
Date July 14, 2021
Title The essential checklist for inclusive interviewing
Url https://clovers.ai/resources/inclusive-interview-checklist/
Summary Tackling unconscious bias in interviewing A fair, equitable, and consistent interview process is key to hiring the best-fit candidates and building a more diverse workforce. By making a conscious effort...
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