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Interview Intelligence Journey

Interviewing has become an afterthought in the hiring process, but is the crucial step in uncovering someone’s potential and fit. With Clovers, you get connected, insightful technology to empower the entire interview process—making interviewing better for everyone.


The first Interview

The recruiter meets the candidate and asks in-app skills based questions that came from the hiring manager.


The Candidate Review

The recruiter shares highlight reels of candidate interviews to determine who to advance to the next round.


The Interview Loop

Hiring teams use their existing tools (e.g., Zoom, Teams, Slack) to interview the candidates and come ready with Clovers interview questions.


The Decision

The hiring manager and recruiter review feedback, prior interviews, and highlight reels to make the right decision.


The right insights, right away

Real-time feedback and collaboration for hiring teams to make decisions faster.

  • Rely on the power of replay, not recall with Clover Reels to accurately assess candidates
  • Candidate sentiment visuals mark key interview moments to review more in depth
  • Clear consolidated candidate ratings help teams quickly identify top candidates


A better candidate and interviewer experience

Bring out the best of your organization with guided interview questions to ensure consistent interviews that uncover the right candidates.

  • Set your teams up for interview success with essential candidate information and relevant interview questions right at their fingertips
  • Uncover the best candidates with I/O based competency questions as well as culture-based questions to ensure both technical and team fit
  • Review and assess actual conversations to provide personalized interviewer training and to level up your teams’ interview skills


Commit to equity, diversity, and transparency

Increase trust and uncover unconscious bias while recruiting by creating a standardized, inclusive interview process.

  • Collaboration tools enable more people to be included in the hiring review process without slowing it down
  • Leverage recorded interviews and transcripts for coaching and training at the organizational level
  • Use structured questions to create an equitable interview process for all candidates
Made for the Enterprise

More power, more control, and more
flexibility built into the system—by design


Enterprise-level security and privacy to support the data requirements of your business.


Flexible user configurations to meet the unique needs of your team and organization.


Integrates with top ATS and SSO providers to enable data and business continuity.

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